Interview with Fernando Torres, UEFA ¨Man of the Match¨


How to you feel after being named Man of the Match?

Fernando Torres:  I think we played a very good game. We knew from the beginning that we needed to win this game and the next one, and from the first minute we showed the character and determination to win the game and I think that with everyone it was easier and I think the performance of the team was great tonight.  We are on the way to qualifying and we know that we need at least one more point against Croatia, and our minds are in the next game. 

How disappointed were you not to start against Italy, and is that the perfect response today?

Fernando Torres: It was not a disappointment. I know all the team that we have here play in the best clubs in the world, and we´ve won the World Cup and the Euro, so anyone can play. It is not a disappointment to be on the bench with these kind of players on the team. We work in the training session to be in the starting eleven, and if we can´t we have to help out our teammates that normally start and you have the chance to go in from the bench and get something good for the team. Against Italy it was not a good result for us but I think the performance was really good for everyone and I´ve been lucky today to have been selected for the starting eleven, two goals, but if the next game the manager decides to play with a different striker I think it is fine.  The main thing is that Spain can reach the final and win this title again.

When did you learn you were going to start and what was your reaction?

Fernando Torres: The coach always tells us the team just before we go to the bus to come to the stadium two and a half hours before the game and everyone is waiting for a decision. It is a good way for everyone to be ready and prepare for the game.  And I am happy to have had the chance to play with this side on the pitch and everything was good from the beginning with the early goal.  When you score an early goal it is easier for you and the team so I´m happy for that. 

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