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Cubrimos toda la actualidad del Villarreal desde el Estadio de la Cerámica en todos los partidos de La Liga, Europa League y Copa del Rey

Biografía de Alfredo Di Stéfano

Repasamos la vida profesional de Alfredo Di Stéfano en esta completa biografía. Contiene sus inicios en River Plate y Millonarios, la historia de su fichaje, la tremenda influencia en el Real Madrid de las cinco Copas de Europa, su secuestro, su trayectoria como entrenador...

Reporte Especial: Diego Armando Maradona

Repasamos la carrera del crack argentino. Conoce sus inicios, sus éxitos y sus retos más difíciles a lo largo de su trayectoria profesional.

Interview with Pernilla Wiberg - Olympic and World Champion, Alpine Skiing - Sweden

Pernilla Wiberg - WC 1997
Pernilla Wiberg is one of Sweden's most successful athletes.  During her career as a downhill skiier she won two olympic gold medals in 1992 (Giant Slalom - Albertville) and 1994 (Combination - Lillehammer), and a silver medal in the 1998 games (Downhill - Nagano).   She was also a four-time World Champion in various skiing disciplines (Grand Slalom, Slalom and Combined).

Currently she is a member of the International Olympic Committee and earlier this month she attended the Barcelona Global Sports Forum to participate in a session entitled "Women who make a difference in sport".  The aim of the discussion was to have an open and frank debate about the role of women in the sporting world, and how to find ways to create a more equal playing field.  Although all of the panel participants agreed that there is still a glass ceiling present in many sports, they all recognized that women can indeed make a difference if they continue to implicate themselves in their respective sports.  In fact, Wiberg went on to say that she would hope to see one day a woman leading FIFA or the IOC. 

After the panel discussion, MotivaGoal had the privilege of speaking with Pernilla and asked her about motivation and goal achievement in sports.  Check out the interview below. (I apologize for the shaky start)

Thank you very much Pernilla.  It was a pleasure speaking with you.  Best of luck.

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Coming Soon: Interview with Pernilla Wiberg, Swedish Alpine Skiing Champion

"If you really put your mind to something, you can do it. And then  you must have fun doing it." 
                                                    -Pernilla Wiberg

Full interview coming soon to MotivaGoal.

Jonah Lomu, New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Legend:

Fernando Llorente, World Cup Champion Football player for Spain:

Visit to IFK Goteborg Football Academy:

MotivaGoal - Interview with Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu is a rugby legend.  He is considered to be the first superstar of the sport having been an international icon during his playing days with the New Zealand All Blacks.

Earlier this month, Lomu attended the Barcelona Global Sports Forum where he participated in a panel that discussed how professional athletes are using social media to connect with their fans.

Lomu is an avid user of social media and he spends time connecting with his followers both on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis.  During his intervention, he recognized that social networks are here to stay, and went on to conclude that if athletes use common sense about what they decide to post, there shouldn't be any risk about disclosing too much information to compromise their privacy. 

After his panel discussion, MotivaGoal had the chance to interview Lomu personally at the GSF's press room, and  asked him to give us advice on how to achieve our goals.

Enjoy the interview below:

Diego Valdés - MotivaGoal - I´m writing a blog about motivation, what advice would you give to someone coming up?

Jonah Lomu - I guess for me, the best advice that I can give someone is to look out for number one, yourself.  That means that there´s gonna be sacrifices you have to make along the line.  And there´s gonna be a lot of knockers.  The thing is to build a thick skin.  If you have a passion for it, then go for it and just don´t listen to anyone else. 

For me, it´s the biggest disappointment when there´s someone with young talent and belief, but the problem is that their friends actually don´t understand that he has the passion for it, and they don´t actually support him.  Instead of embracing what he´s got and actually helping them out by just saying ¨we understand¨, they make them choose.  That´s when it becomes ¨are they really your friend?¨

So for me its back yourself.  If you feel that there´s something that´s there that´s just edging you  that it wants you to improve you to improve.  Follow it, follow your dreams, follow your heart and you won´t go wrong.

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Coming soon to MotivaGoal - Interview with Jonah Lomu - New Zealand Rugby Legend

¨If you have a passion for something, go for it and don´t listen to anyone else.¨ - Jonah Lomu

Full interview coming soon to MotivaGoal.

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Entrevista con Manolo Preciado - Entrenador Sporting de Gijón


Manolo Preciado ha logrado mantener al Sporting de Gijón en Primera División durante dos temporadas, y está luchando por mantener al equipo Asturiano en la primera categoría una vez más.  

MotivaGoal contactó con Preciado hace una semana para conocer sus opiniones acerca de diferentes temas.  

A continuación la entrevista con el actual entrenador del Sporting Club de Gijón, Manolo Preciado.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - ¿Cómo mantiene a sus jugadores motivados, especialmente cuando no se dan bien los resultados?

Manolo Preciado - Haciendo ver a mis jugadores que el trabajo siempre tiene recompensa, aunque a veces tarde en llegar.


Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - Desde su llegada al Sporting, el club ha vivido grandes momentos.  Recientemente, hemos visto como su equipo logró sacar un valioso empate contra el líder, el FC Barcelona.  ¿Qué le dice a sus jugadores antes de saltar al campo para sacar su máximo rendimiento?

Manolo Preciado - Depende de cada partido.No hay un único mensaje válido. Ellos tienen que sentir que pueden competir con cualquiera y ver que su entrenador confía al máximo en ellos.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - Actualmente el Sporting se encuentra en posición de descenso.  ¿Cómo afecta anímicamente estar en estos puestos a pesar de tener muchos partidos delante?

Manolo Preciado - Lo básico ahora son las sensaciones del equipo, más que la propia clasificación.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - Háblenos brevemente de su próximos rivales: Villareal y Almería.

Manolo Preciado - Dos rivales más del campeonato. Cada uno con distintas características, pero dos excelentes equipos.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal -¿Qué retos tiene aún por cumplir a nivel personal en el fútbol?

Manolo Preciado - No me marco metas más allá de mi actual equipo: dar lo mejor de mí mismo para lograr de nuevo la permanencia.

Gracias Manolo.  Buena suerte para el resto de la temporada.

Interview with Mia Hamm - US Soccer Star

Mia Hamm is considered the best female soccer player of all time.  MotivaGoal met up with her at the Barcelona Global Sports Forum and asked her opinion about setting goals and motivating yourself.

Barcelona Global Sports Forum - Day 1 Summary


After a very intensive first day at the Barcelona Global Sports Forum, MotivaGoal managed to get exclusive interviews with some of the top speakers of the event including:

  • Mia Hamm - Former US Soccer Player, 
  • Katerina Witt - Olympic Champion - Germany,
  • Pernilla Wiberg - Olympic Champion - Sweden
  • Rai - former International World Champion Soccer Player - Brasil
  • Enzo Francescoli - Former international Soccer Player - Uruguay
  • Jonah Lomu - International All Blacks Rugby Player
  • Oscar Pistorius - Paralympic Champion in Athletics
  • Jocelyn Robiot - Global Sports Marketing Manager for Adidas

Plus a surprise video involving Didier Drogba, Chelsea FC striker!

All of this content will be AVAILABLE SOON on the site.  Plus some of the most interesting conclusions of the day`s panel discussions.  In the meantime, I have included some pictures below:

Panel: Women who make a difference in Sport
Opening remarks by Jaime Lissavetzky, Spanish Secretary of Stat for Sport

Oscar Pistorius, Paralympics Champion, South Africa
Enzo Francescoli, former Uruguayan footballer, speaking about ¨Cracks¨ a reality TV show looking for the next soccer star

Rai Souza and Didier Drogba, speaking about social change in sport

Jonah Lomu, former international All Blacks rugby player, NZ

Opening night at the Barcelona Global Sports Forum

Its official.  The third edition of the Barcelona Global Sports Forum got under way this evening at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, and MotivaGoal was there to cover the event.

Organized by Havas Media, the Sports Forum brings together well-known influential personalities from the world of sport to share their perspective on the current issues of the industry. 

The evening began with a welcome cocktail where delegates, speakers, sporting celebrities and members of the press got a chance to interact and network before the official program begins tomorrow morning.

Among some of the attendees that MotivaGoal got a chance to meet included John Amaechi, former NBA basketball player and current psychologist and NYT best-selling author, as well as Olympic gold medalist figure skater, Katerina Witt.

Tomorrow promises to be a very interesting day as many expert panels have been programmed to discuss important sporting issues. 

                                                      Some of the highlights for tomorrow's agenda include:

  • "Women Who make a Difference in Sport"  - featuring Mia Hamm-former US Soccer player, as well as Olympic gold medalists Pernilla Wiberg and Katerina Witt.
  • "Adidas and UEFA - Keeping the flame burning" - featuring Jocelyn Robiot, VP Global Sports Marketing Adidas International, and Guy Laurent Epstein, Marketing Director for UEFA France
  • "Athletes as leaders of Social Change" - featuring Rai and Didier Drogba
 It promises to be a very interesting day so be sure to check for updates about the event.

MotivaGoal's official press pass

Networking at the welcome cocktail

Press coverage of the event

MotivaGoal - Reportando en directo del Barcelona Global Sports Forum, 9-11 de Marzo

MotivaGoal cubrirá los acontecimientos del Barcelona Global Sports Forum.  El foro comienza esta tarde y durará hasta el viernes 11 de marzo.  

MotivaGoal will be covering live the Barcelona Global Sports Forum.  The conference begins this evening and will run through until Friday, March 11th.

Para más información / For futher information:

Próximamente en MotivaGoal - Entrevista con Manolo Preciado, Entrenador Real Sporting de Gijón

Muy pronto en MotivaGoal podremos entrevistar al técnico del Real Sporting de Gijón, Manolo Preciado

Very soon MotivaGoal will be interviewing Real Sporting Gijón's manager, Manolo Preciado

Interview with Fernando Llorente - Athletic Club Bilbao


It was the 58th minute.  Spain was playing Portugal in the round of sixteen during the 2010 World Cup, when Vicente del Bosque substituted Fernando Torres for the "other" Fernando.  The young striker made the most out of his opportunity and had a decisive impact on the final outcome of the match.  

Although he did not score, he created numerous opportunities and used his size to intimidate the portuguese defenders.  Spain went on to win that match and eventually won the Cup.  On that day, the whole world was introduced to Fernando Llorente.

Yet Fernando had been preparing himself for that moment during many years.  Despite having been strongly criticized early on in his career, Llorente managed to ignore it all and focus on his objectives through hard work, discipline and lots of self confidence in his talent.  Today he is a football icon both in his club and on Spain's national team.  

It is a great honour for MotivaGoal to present this interview with a true winner like Llorente.  He is an example to follow for all of us who are aiming to achive our personal goals. 
Here is my interview with Athletic Bilbao's star striker, Fernando Llorente.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - How do you motivate yourself before a big match?

Fernando Llorente - I try to stay cool and relaxed, thinking about the match at hand, and I also visualize all of the plays and situations that could play out on the pitch that could affect my performance.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - When former Athletic legend, Ismael Urzaiz, left the club, your current manager (Caparros) gave you the opportunity to become Bilbao's starting striker.  How did you manage the psychological pressure of becoming the club's starting striker at such a young age?

Fernando Llorente - It was thanks to the people close to me that have always given me unconditional support.  I worked hard, believed in my possibilities and I had faith in myself......I began to mature as a football player, developing my possibilities and as time went by I found myself gaining more confidence in my abilities.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - Would you say that the the match against Portugal during last year's World Cup was a turning point for you as far as your level of self-confidence?

Fernando Llorente - Perhaps you could say that my call to the national team and that particular match against Portugal were a turning point in my career.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal -Does your performance get affected by the constant rumors linking you to a possible move out of Bilbao this summer?

Fernando Llorente - The truth is that they don't affect me because I try to disconnect myself from everything that is said or published out there.  And I manage to do so because I don't lose my focus in any way. 


Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal -Do you see your team with possibilities to qualify for next year's Champions League?

Fernnando Llorente - After the results during our last four matches, I honestly don't think so.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to speak with MotivaGoal, Llorente.  Congratulations on your success.  I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season.
I would like to personally thank Athletic Bilbao's communication department for having made this interview possible. 

Photos:, athletic club bilbao, getty images

Entrevista con Fernando Llorente - Delantero del Athletic Club de Bilbao y Campeón del Mundo con la Selección Española


Era el minuto 58.  España jugaba contra Portugal en los octavos de final de la Copa del Mundo 2010 cuando el seleccionador Del Bosque apostó por Fernando Llorente.  El delantero riojano nacido en Navarra aprovechó su oportunidad y tuvo una actuación determinante.  Aunque no marcó ningún gol, fijó a la defensa portuguesa y creó constante peligro en el área rival ayudando a la Roja a ganar el partido y clasificarse a una ronda más en su camino hacia la gloria.  Ese día, el mundo entero conoció a Fernando Llorente. 
Pero Fernando llevaba muchos años preparándose para ese gran momento.  A pesar de haber recibido críticas muy duras durante sus inicios,  Llorente logró anteponerse ante ellas a través de trabajo duro, disciplina y mucha confianza en sí mismo.  Hoy en día, es un referente en su club, en la selección española y en el fútbol mundial. 

Es un honor poder presentar en MotivaGoal esta entrevista con un ganador nato como Llorente, que es un ejemplo para todo aquel que está luchando por conseguir un objetivo.
A continuación, mi entrevista con el “9” del Athletic Club de Bilbao, Fernando Llorente.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - ¿Cómo te motivas antes de un partido importante?

Fernando Llorente - Intento estar sereno y relajado, pensar mucho en el partido en sí y visualizar todas las jugadas, incidencias y situaciones que pueden ocurrir referentes a mi cometido en el campo.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - Cuando Urzaiz dejó el equipo, Caparros apostó por ti.  ¿Cómo manejaste la presión psicológica de convertirte en el ¨9¨ de Athletic a tan temprana edad?

Fernando Llorente - Gracias a mi entorno, que siempre me ha apoyado al máximo. Yo trabajé duro, creí en mis posibilidades, confié en mí mismo…. Fui creciendo como futbolista, desarrollando mis posibilidades y encontrándome cada vez más seguro de mí.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal -¿Consideras que tuviste un antes y un después a nivel de seguridad y confianza en tu carrera tras el partido contra Portugal en el mundial de 2010?
Fernando Llorente - Quizás sí pueda haber un antes y un después con la llamada de la selección y  aquel partido contra Portugal.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal -¿Te afectan mentalmente los rumores acerca de tu posible salida del Athletic este verano?
Fernando Llorente - La verdad es que no porque intento abstraerme al máximo de lo que se dice y publica. Y lo consigo porque no me descentran para nada.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal -¿Ves a tu equipo con posibilidades de clasificarse a puestos de Champions para la próxima temporada?

Fernando Llorente - Después de estos últimos cuatro partidos, sinceramente no.

Muchas gracias por atender a MotivaGoal, Llorente.  Felicidades por todos tus logros y te deseo todo lo mejor para el resto de temporada.

Gracias al departamento de prensa del Athletic Club de Bilbao por haber hecho posible esta entrevista.

Diego Valdés Rendón
Executive Editor, MotivaGoal
BA, MBA, Master in Sports Management 

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