Interview with Fernando Llorente - Athletic Club Bilbao


It was the 58th minute.  Spain was playing Portugal in the round of sixteen during the 2010 World Cup, when Vicente del Bosque substituted Fernando Torres for the "other" Fernando.  The young striker made the most out of his opportunity and had a decisive impact on the final outcome of the match.  

Although he did not score, he created numerous opportunities and used his size to intimidate the portuguese defenders.  Spain went on to win that match and eventually won the Cup.  On that day, the whole world was introduced to Fernando Llorente.

Yet Fernando had been preparing himself for that moment during many years.  Despite having been strongly criticized early on in his career, Llorente managed to ignore it all and focus on his objectives through hard work, discipline and lots of self confidence in his talent.  Today he is a football icon both in his club and on Spain's national team.  

It is a great honour for MotivaGoal to present this interview with a true winner like Llorente.  He is an example to follow for all of us who are aiming to achive our personal goals. 
Here is my interview with Athletic Bilbao's star striker, Fernando Llorente.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - How do you motivate yourself before a big match?

Fernando Llorente - I try to stay cool and relaxed, thinking about the match at hand, and I also visualize all of the plays and situations that could play out on the pitch that could affect my performance.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - When former Athletic legend, Ismael Urzaiz, left the club, your current manager (Caparros) gave you the opportunity to become Bilbao's starting striker.  How did you manage the psychological pressure of becoming the club's starting striker at such a young age?

Fernando Llorente - It was thanks to the people close to me that have always given me unconditional support.  I worked hard, believed in my possibilities and I had faith in myself......I began to mature as a football player, developing my possibilities and as time went by I found myself gaining more confidence in my abilities.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal - Would you say that the the match against Portugal during last year's World Cup was a turning point for you as far as your level of self-confidence?

Fernando Llorente - Perhaps you could say that my call to the national team and that particular match against Portugal were a turning point in my career.

Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal -Does your performance get affected by the constant rumors linking you to a possible move out of Bilbao this summer?

Fernando Llorente - The truth is that they don't affect me because I try to disconnect myself from everything that is said or published out there.  And I manage to do so because I don't lose my focus in any way. 


Diego Valdés – MotivaGoal -Do you see your team with possibilities to qualify for next year's Champions League?

Fernnando Llorente - After the results during our last four matches, I honestly don't think so.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to speak with MotivaGoal, Llorente.  Congratulations on your success.  I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season.
I would like to personally thank Athletic Bilbao's communication department for having made this interview possible. 

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