Interview with Pernilla Wiberg - Olympic and World Champion, Alpine Skiing - Sweden

Pernilla Wiberg - WC 1997
Pernilla Wiberg is one of Sweden's most successful athletes.  During her career as a downhill skiier she won two olympic gold medals in 1992 (Giant Slalom - Albertville) and 1994 (Combination - Lillehammer), and a silver medal in the 1998 games (Downhill - Nagano).   She was also a four-time World Champion in various skiing disciplines (Grand Slalom, Slalom and Combined).

Currently she is a member of the International Olympic Committee and earlier this month she attended the Barcelona Global Sports Forum to participate in a session entitled "Women who make a difference in sport".  The aim of the discussion was to have an open and frank debate about the role of women in the sporting world, and how to find ways to create a more equal playing field.  Although all of the panel participants agreed that there is still a glass ceiling present in many sports, they all recognized that women can indeed make a difference if they continue to implicate themselves in their respective sports.  In fact, Wiberg went on to say that she would hope to see one day a woman leading FIFA or the IOC. 

After the panel discussion, MotivaGoal had the privilege of speaking with Pernilla and asked her about motivation and goal achievement in sports.  Check out the interview below. (I apologize for the shaky start)

Thank you very much Pernilla.  It was a pleasure speaking with you.  Best of luck.

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