Yaya Toure en zona mixta - ¨Aún nos queda para estar a la altura del Barça y del Madrid¨


Yaya Touré had a fantastic return to Spain.  The former FC Barcelona midfielder scored two important goals helping his team defeat Villareal last night at el Madrigal and demonstrated that Man City is a strong contender for the Champions League title this year. 

After the match, we went down to the mixed zone and were able to get up close and personal with Toure.  

Statistics show that you complete more passes than anyone in  the Premier League at the moment.

Yeah? The most important for me is the team and I am glad because of all of our great signings.  Players like Aguero and Samir Nasri are playing fantasitc.  I think everybody in every position is playing a fantastic role and I think is great.  It  is not easy to go out and win in the European Championship.  I think we have to be happy with the result, which is the most important.

How far can City go in this competition?

As far as possible. It is early to speak about that.  There are a lot of great teams and we have a lot of  respect for teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea - they are always in the Premier and in the Champions League, we know that.  It is early to think about that.  It is the first time we play in Champions League and the most importat for us is to go as far as possible, and that would be fantasitic for us.

City are scoring more goals than Barcelona at the moment.  How does it compare - this team to Barcelona? 

Barcelona have been a top club for a long time.  To be considered a club like that you have to win titles in the Premier League and the Champions League.  Barcelona is the best team in the world.  Even Madrid is close to playing like them.  And I think now we have a long way to go.  Barcelona is a top team.  Madrid is a top team and to be considered a club like that I think you have to continue to win and play hard. 

Is the mentality the same?  Is the idea the same - the way you approach the game....

Yeah, I think now the mentality now is fantastic because it´s been a good year so far.  We have the winning mentality which is very important.  You need to win something and have a good mentality consistently.  In every week we are training and playing hard.  

You´ve got players that have gone a long way in this competition in this team.  You are one that has won it.  That´s gotta help, hasn't it?

Yes, thats true and it helps to have good players.  I think for us it is a very important value.  But I think the most important thing is to get wins like that and continue to work hard.


Manuel Monfort Marzá
Redactor de Fútbol - MotivaGoal
Colaborador - Villareal CF
Twitter: @Manuelmonfort

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