MotivaGoal reporting live at the official presentation of Cesc Fabregas for FC Barcelona

Cesc Fàbregas with Andoni Zubizarreta and Josep María Bartomeu ¨Barto¨

MotivaGoal was at Camp Nou this morning for the official presentation of one of the most expected signings in recent years for FC Barcelona:  Cesc Fabregas.

Over 150 accredited journalists were present at the press conference as the new Barça player answered questions for over an hour. 

He began by stating that he feels ready for this new challenge both at a professional and emotional level.  He went on to say that he felt relieved to have completed the move to Barcelona and particularly thanked the effort made by the club and in particular mentioned Pep Guardiola as a key factor for having returned to his native city. 

Regarding his relationship with his former manager, Arsene Wenger, he stated the following: ¨With him I have a very special relationship.  I have been speaking with him constantly during these days and he didn’t want me to leave for 29 nor 50 nor 80 million, but I made my preference clear to him.  He is a man with great common sense and has great respect for his players.  For me he will be the best person that I have met in football.¨

Our greatest moment came when MotivaGoal was able to ask him the following question to Barça’s newest star player:

Josep García – MotivaGoal – Good morning Cesc, can you tell us how and when did you communicate to your Arsenal teammates that you were going to sign for Barça, and how did you feel during this moment, being the captain and leader for the club?

Cesc Fàbregas – It was a very difficult day for me, truthfully, it wasn’t easy communicating it to them.  Today is one of the happiest days of my life, but that day was very sad.  It was last Friday, I had trained with the team and then I communicated it to them.  I was practically on my way to the airport but then everything got delayed and I had to wait a couple of extra days in London.  The day I said farewell to everyone I got very emotional and it was difficult saying goodbye to everyone, especially with the manager, because as I have said before, he is a great person, and a very important one for me, I owe him everything and, I can honestly say that it was a very emotional and sad day for me.  But life goes on for both me and them, and now I have a complicated challenge ahead, and I am looking forward to start this new stage in my life.

Below you will find our highlights from today's official presentation with Cesc Fàbregas:

Cesc Fàbregas & MotivaGoal Founders - Diego Valdés y Josep García Vidal

Camp Nou - moments before the official press conference
Cesc with the club's traditional Barça Toons 
Fabregas talks informally to reporters after the event

Andoni Zubizarreta, Josep María Bartomeu and Cesc Fàbregas

Official Press Pass - MotivaGoal

Below you will find the video when Cesc enters the room along with Andoni Zubizarreta and Josep María Bartomeu: 

We also had the chance to speak with Cesc's sister, Carlota Fàbregas, and she told us about how the family lived through the whole transfer experience.  We are currently editing this video but stay tuned for the exclusive interview

               Diego Valdes y Josep García Vidal
               Master in Sports Management
               MotivaGoal - Founders and Executive Editors

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