An entire city celebrates as FC Barcelona qualify for the UEFA Champions League Final

Barcelona, May 4th 2011

There was something in the air yesterday in Barcelona.  That special buzz you can feel in a city every so often when everyone can sense that something big is about to take place.  That special something was the UEFA Champions League semi-final between two of the greatest football clubs in the world:  FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Having won 0-2 away from home at the Santiago Bernabeu, Pep Guardiola´s team knew that if they managed to stop Real Madrid from scoring early on in the match they would most certainly be Wembley bound. And that is exactly what happened. 

After 54 minutes of exciting football, Pedro received an incredible pass from Andrés Iniesta and fired it in the back of the net to give Barça the lead.  Although the match was not over at that point, Real Madrid could not overcome the psychological blow of knowing they needed to score three goals to go through. The match ended with a 1-1 draw, yet despite the result, there was a clear winner at the Camp Nou.

After the match the city began to celebrate FCB´s victory.  Thousands of supporters hit the streets waving flags and honking their horns as they headed towards Barcelona's emblematic Canaletas Fountain located atop the Ramblas to rejoice.  After all, it is not every day that you beat your eternal rival.  Especially in the UEFA Champions League semis. 


                                  FC Barcelona supporters gather to celebrate

Sparklers at Canaletas

                                        FCB fans taking the streets of Barcelona


                                                Enhanced security measures

Diego Valdés Rendón
Executive Editor, MotivaGoal
BA, MBA, Master in Sports Management

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